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Shut Down of Web Services

We regret to inform you that Bionic Entrepreneur Incorporated is shutting down it's external web development and hosting services. This means that we will no longer be accepting projects or maintenance work for clients needing web design or development. It also means that clients with sites hosted at Bionic, will need to be transferred to a new hosting environment.

We thank you for your business over the years!  It is tough for me to make the decision to discontinue this service.  We’re just not able to be responsive and continue support.  We wish all our clients continued success in the future!

The deadline for the shutdown of hosted services is October 27, 2017.  As of this date, any sites not transferred will be archived and offline. To avoid disruption of your site please begin the process outlined below as soon as possible.  After October 27, archived sites will be available for download via special links we will provide upon request.  No further support will be available.

Until then, we can only offer very limited support, but will assist clients to make this transition as quickly and smoothly as possible.

The following message will provide:

  • Steps to take to initiate transfer of your managed domain(s) and website(s) to other service providers.
  • Some examples of other service providers.
  • Some newer alternative services that are feature rich enough to replace more outdated custom sites.  (We want you to be successful!)
  • A list of agencies that are qualified to update or maintain your existing Drupal based sites.

The quickest and most direct path is 2 steps:

Step 1: Move your existing domain to a new registrar of your choice.  This will give you the control you need to direct your traffic anywhere you may host your site in the future.
Step 2: Move your existing site code to a new host. Set up new hosting and we can move your code there, or choose an alternative service that may serve your needs better.

A short and simple suggestion would be to use something like:  (Their “Ultimate” plan includes 1 domain and SSL at a very reasonable price.)  (You can start domain transfer as part of the sign up for hosting.)

If you start a domain transfer and subscribe to hosting with a service like these we can get your site transferred fairly easily.

** This is not an endorsement of GoDaddy or Site5, just an example of the kind of package that would make the transition easy.  GoDaddy is a service provider I’m familiar with as they’re one of the largest brands in the retail hosting industry.  Site5 is a large and old hosting company that offers basic and advanced hosting services.  Please use your own judgement when choosing a domain registrar or hosting provider.



Step 1 - Your Domain(s)

If any or all of your domains are registered with our domain registrar and managed by Bionic on your behalf, you must choose a registrar of your own, create an account, and initiate a domain transfer.

Do this immediately!  Transfer codes will be provided via so if we have not posted a code for you yet, please create a ticket to request one.

Transferring your domain will not interrupt your service in any way, and you'll be prepared while you get hosting set up.

Transferring your domain to your own registrar will give you direct control over your domain(s) and allow you to complete Step 2, or to direct your traffic to any other service of your choosing.

A domain transfer will extend your domain by 1 year from it’s current expiry date.  The cost should be no more than $10 to $15.  Caution: Some registrars will charge up to 4 or 5 times that amount, because customers aren’t always familiar with the product and may think it’s too technical to research.

Once a transfer is initiated with your new registrar, please notify us via a support ticket on, including the name of the registrar.  We will then approve transfer to the registrar you have chosen.  The current domain settings should not be affected and the site should still function as normal.

Step 2 - Hosting

Your site is currently hosted and managed by Bionic.  We intend to spin down our servers by October 27, 2017, and will work with our clients to set them up with an alternative.

As with the domain registrar, you must choose a hosting service and plan, and create an account.  Make sure you choose “Linux” hosting.  Once you have a hosting account ready for a website, Bionic can transfer your site to the new hosting service.

You can provide us with login information to the new hosting service and we can complete the site transfer for you, or we can export your existing site’s code and database to an archive file for another developer to work with.

After the new hosting is set up with your site and email accounts, you (or we) update your domain settings to send traffic to your site in the new location.

If you plan to have a SSL Certificate (security encryption) you will need to make sure your hosting supports it.  SSL Certificates allow visitors to access the site via https:// instead of http:// and is what provides the “lock” or “Secure” icon in the address bar.


Once complete, you will have the freedom to manage your site’s code in any way you wish.  You can contract other developers to do future work, and deal directly with hosting providers in the event of technical difficulty.

Other Alternatives

Your sites are built on Drupal [] (an open source content management platform).  At this point they are either legacy code (Drupal 6 or older), or ready for upgrades, (Drupal 7 to Drupal 8). Drupal is complex and technical.  It is HIGHLY recommended you use experienced professionals for future development or maintenance. 

There are now several services available for commerce and non-commerce based sites if you don’t want the expense of developing or maintaining custom code.  You can build your own pages and shops fairly easily and just point your domains there instead.

For example:

If you’re interested in additional maintenance of development support here’s a list of Canadian Drupal development agencies:

We are only able to offer very limited support at this time, and strictly for the purpose of transferring domains and codebase to your chosen registrars and hosting providers. Please feel free to create a ticket at if you have any questions or concerns about the shut down of Bionic’s web services.

Once again, we are greatful for your business over the years and wish you all success in the future!